With the YAZIO App, anyone can easily monitor and evaluate their nutritional behavior. As a part of the “Quantified Self” movement, or the regular measurement and analysis of personal body data, our digital food diary generates a mirror image of a user’s diet and is among the worlds most used and successful nutrition apps. Not only is YAZIO quick and easy to manage, it’s fun and motivational, too.

We help people achieve their health goals (weight loss, muscle building, healthy eating) and develop a better understanding of their own nutritional habits.

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Trusted Reviews“So, why choose this over MyFitnessPal? It has unique features, such as suggested calorie, fat, carbs and protein intake for each meal, that adjust on the fly to take into account meals already logged for that day. It also has more British brands, making inputting foods easier and more accurate.”

Source: http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/best-calorie-counter-apps-5-best-food-diaries-for-android-and-ios